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The Importance of “Me-Time”

When you become a parent, suddenly everything is focused around this little bundle of poop and laughter that needs your attention all of the time.

With this change and the general lack of time you consequently find yourself with, it can be very difficult to find any time for yourself. Most of the time you find yourself de-pooping or cuddling or feeding or playing. Sometimes you can get to the end of the week and realise you haven’t actually done anything for yourself that week.

Don’t forget about yourself!

Without time for ourselves, we can end up turning into a stir crazy, baby-talk talking mess. If you are anything like me, you love spending time with your kids but can end up feeling unfulfilled and bored if you don’t do something to stimulate your mind. I start to find that all I can talk about is the house and the kids when we have company – because that is all I do.

Despite the fact that most of our time is taken up by looking after the kiddies it is really important for us to allocate some time to do what we want to do. This could be in the evening once the kiddies are in bed, or in the morning before everyone gets up. It could even just be taking ten minutes to have a cup of tea and read a magazine during nap time.

Whenever it is, make sure whatever you end up doing is exactly what you want to do – not what you need to do, or what you feel like you should do. Make this time completely yours.

I know a lot of people can feel guilty if they actively try to spend some time away from their children. I know I do! Just remember that the best parent is a happy parent – if you spend a small amount of time away from your kids but feeling happy and stimulated, it can be much better for them than a miserable parent who just needs to take a break.

Be the best you, so you can help them grow into the best they can be too.

Do you make sure you get some regular “me-time”? What do you do during that time? What suggestions would you give to those who don’t?



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