Welcome to the Me, Bee and Bo (and Bean!) blog.

We all know that life and parenting can be difficult sometimes. This blog embraces the positive things about being a parent. You can expect lots of tips and tricks, a few life hacks and motivational posts for when you need that little lift.

Having originally been set up to follow the growth of my family, in 2017 we had a big overhaul and rebranded. Now we focus on helping parents live their lives with positivity and try to bring the best out of every situation.

Let me introduce you to the family.

There is me…

I am a twenty-something year old who is a lover of all things sweet and tasty and all things tea related.

In my spare time (which is getting rarer at the moment) I enjoy watching films, curling up with my iPad and reading other blogs or watching scary Youtube videos and scaring myself half to death!

There is Bee…

Bee is my wonderful husband/the man of many talents. He will not be featured much on this blog but helps a lot with the technical side of things and generally keeps the rest of the family from going insane.

There is Bo…

Bo is our bubbly little girl who loves playing with noisy toys, chattering to us and causing as much mess and chaos as she can.

She is a wonderfully happy toddler, who charms family, friends and strangers alike with her cheeky little smile and wonderful personality. On the other hand, she is also the queen of the bottom lip and knows exactly how to stick it out and make it clear that she is not happy.

And finally, there is Bean… 

Bean is the latest addition to the family, having made his appearance in November 2016. He is a shouty little man, who definitely knows how to make himself heard but loves a good cuddle at the same time. He adores his sister and spends a lot of his time trying to join her in whatever she is doing. We are all looking forward to when he is a bit older so that they can do things together.


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