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New Beginnings

Me, Bee and Bo - New Beginnings

Welcome to the brand new Me, Bee and Bo (and Bean) site!

We have moved over to WordPress with our own custom URL and, alongside that, a brand new look! I am still, and will be for some time no doubt, tweaking the theme and making sure that everything looks the best it can. If anyone knows how to change the font of the post headers then please let me know!

Although there have been a few changes, the content will be remaining the same – focussing on the positive side of parenting and lifestyle, with perhaps just a touch more lifestyle in there.

I am looking forward to seeing this blog grow and develop, just like the original one did. Feel free to comment, get in touch and just generally let me know what you think! You can find me on Twitter here.

Now, on with the tweaking (and posting of course)! Happy Sunday all.


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